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While lots of learning of course takes place while sailing aboard our vessels, all Ship’s Company members, if they desire, are given the opportunity for structured training to develop and enhance their historic sailing skills. The Ship’s Company has currently produced two levels of Training Manuals. The training manuals are focused to crewing aboard The Ship’s Company’s flagship vessel, H.M.S. Badger. The first level, Seaman, is intended for new Members, or existing Members who wish to brush up on their general skills and knowledge. The second level, Able Seaman, builds on the first level and develops still more knowledge and skill. Two more levels are also currently in development, those being the Bos’n Level, and finally, the Coxswain Level. Each training manual is set up in Learning Modules that can be studied and practiced at your own pace. Individual coaching and small-group sessions at dockside can also be provided if requested to aid in your learning. Testing can be done all at once for an individual level, or can be done in Modules if desired. When you have completed the required Modules in a specific level, you will earn the rank associated it, such as Seaman, or Able Seaman, etc. PDF’s of the Seaman Level and Able Seaman Level can be accessed below for your reference. Note: You will need Adobe PDF viewer to view them. We encourage all Ship’s Company members to develop their skills, and of course, to have fun doing it!

Seaman Manual PDF

Able Seaman Manual PDF

Bowsun Manual PDF